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Noria Introduction to Lubrication Fundamentals

1 Year Online Access to complete the course at your leisure.

Having a solid grasp of the fundamentals of lubricants and lubrication is at the core of any world-class lubrication program. Understanding lubricant functions, the differences between common lubricant types, their advantages and disadvantages, and what makes them perform or fail is crucial for all lubrication professionals.


Topics Include:

The importance of lubrication for reliable machinery

Explanation of the function of lubricants

Power transmission

Descriptions of friction and wear

Demonstration of the three lubrication regimes

How lubricants are formulated

Important properties of base oils

The differences between mineral and synthetic lubricants

Semi-synthetic lubricants

Non-toxic and biodegradable lubricants

Common lubricant additives and their functions

Viscosity defined

Consequences of lubricant viscosity that is too high or low

Lubricant oxidation: causes and effects

Anatomy of a grease

Advantages and disadvantages of grease lubrication

Grease properties