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Noria Lubrication Basics for Machinery Operators

1 Year Online Access to complete the course at your leisure.

Operators trained in lubrication basics are critical to lubrication excellence. Whether they are checking oil levels and topping off sumps, cleaning and inspecting machinery, or conducting routine inspections … when performed with best practice procedures, you’ll reduce unscheduled downtime, improve safety and boost reliability.


Topics Include:

Grease gun basics and safety

Checking oil levels and topping off sumps

The function of lubricant additives

The importance of contamination control

Cleaning and inspecting machinery

Avoiding water contamination during wash downs

Onsite inspections for in-service grease

Visual and audible machine inspection techniques

Oil sump and machine temperature inspections

How to inspect for oil leaks

The negative impact of mixing lubricants

Basics of viscosity and lubricant selection

Types of lubricant contaminants and damage caused