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Noria Machinery Lubrication, Level II


1 Year Online Access to complete the course at your leisure.

Machinery Lubrication II (ML II) covers advanced lubrication topics like lubricant selection, troubleshooting, predictive maintenance and more. Professionals who already understand the benefits and potential in excellent lubrication practices will greatly benefit from the holistic aspect of ML II; gaining the tools to make comprehensive improvements in the workplace that save big on time, money, and even storage space and training resources. Students will be prepared to take the ICML Level II Machinery Lubrication Technician certification exam.

World-Class Lubrication Technicians Mean World Class Reliability

A well-designed lubrication program with skilled lubrication technicians can quickly and substantially reduce downtime and operating costs.


Topics Include:

Troubleshooting lubrication problems

Data-collection guidelines

How to recognize wear patterns for gears and bearings

Lubrication and oil analysis metrics

Measuring lubrication effectiveness and how it impacts return on net assets

Base oils, viscosity index and lubricant consolidation

Lubricant properties and how to match them to machines

How to make the same lubricant serve multiple purposes

Thermal stability

Antioxidants’ effect on lubricants

The negative impacts of varnish, sludge and deposits

Air and foam

How to control aeration

Lubricant degradation

Know when lubricants are past service and what causes early damage

This course is aligned with the ICML body of knowledge for the following certifications:

Machinery Lubrication Technician, Level II (MLT II)
Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE)