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Poor lubrication is typically the most common problem identified through a CM program. In order to provide maximum impact and value to our clients CBM Partners provide a total lubrication management service.

Benchmark Assessment

CBM Partners will carry out a review of existing lubrication practices, comparing them with ICML best practice. We will provide a report highlighting gaps and recommending a remedial action plan. The action plan is prioritized by ease of implementation, safety, value and cost.

If required, we can project manage the improvement program and/or check that changes are being implemented properly on a regular basis.

A Lubrication Benchmark Assessment can be completed in one day for a typical site and is therefore the fastest and most effective way to start a lubrication improvement plan.

Systems and tools

We provide program of lubrication handling equipment and systems appropriate to your needs.

We can either supply everything from grease-guns to spill-kits to lubricants …. or just help negotiate the best deal from our preferred product partners.

Our LubeApp online lubrication CMMS is a key enabler in delivering the most professional and effective lubrication service possible.

Knowledge and Experience

Our Lubrication leadership team have deep experience in the design, implementation and management of Reliability Centred Lubrication contracts. Uniquely in On-Condition lubrication and centralised lubrication systems; not just scheduled lubrication.

CBMP’s lube-techs are all minimum ICML level 1 qualified and are passionate about Reliability-Centred Lubrication.

All of our Lubrication Technicians are qualified to ICML standards and are amongst the most experienced Lubrication professionals in Europe.

CBM Partners’ lubrication trainees have clear progression paths and are proud to be associated with Reliability Centred Lubrication & Tribology.

RCL Range of Services

  • Site Lubrication Standards
  • Lubricant and associated products supply
  • Lubricant Handling and Dispensing
  • Lubricant rationalization & applicability
  • Safety & Food Safety
  • Personnel and skills management
  • Lubrication database management
  • Lubrication schedule
  • Waste Management
  • Spill Kit management
  • Management Reporting & KPIs
  • Stock control and management (signage, access, applicability, obsolescence and pre-ordering)
Get ownership and focus on your lubrication program; significantly improve reliability and demonstrate a quality approach to this must-do maintenance activity.