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Wireless Condition Monitoring

Design, Installation & Remote Monitoring/Analysis

Phantom: The low cost Wireless Condition Monitoring System

We reviewed the top Condition Monitoring systems in the world in 2018 and chose Phantom from Erbessd-Instruments as being the best for cost and performance.  Since then we have fitted thousands of wireless sensors and customers are seeing the benefit of automated data collection, remote analysis and automatic alarms.

The Phantom wireless system has the widest range of sensors available, including;

  • Vibration – Triaxial.  10kHz to detect stage 1 bearing faults the majority of rotating equipment faults such as misalignment, imbalance and resonance
  • Temperature.  -210° to 1800° C
  • Power. Non-invasive ,measurement of 3 simultaneous channels to measure each of the 3 motor’s phases. 
  • Speed.  Wireless RPM sensor
  • General Purpose.  Monitor virtually any type of signal coming from your own devices, such as; Displacement sensors, Pressure sensors, Speed sensors, Lubrication condition sensors

Phantom, the most cost-effective way to Smart Factory / Maintenance 4.0 


Solution Design

We are a Condition Monitoring services provider, not just a product supplier.  As such our consultants work with clients to help specify the most effective and efficient system to meet site reliability and financial objectives. 


There are very few “out of the box” solutions; our job is to make sure that the hardware and software works as intended.  This includes fitting sensors with consistent quality and setting up databases, alarm levels and user rights efficiently.

Remote Monitoring

Our team of experienced and highly qualified analysts provide remote support; recommending actions to be taken when machines go into “alarm” and constantly reviewing alarm levels and ensuring system performance at all times.

Benefits of wireless monitoring versus route-based include;

  • Many more readings possible (e.g. 4 times per day instead of 1 per month) = earlier fault detection.
  • Easy installation; no wires
  • Removes accessibility difficulties
  • Often better performance than route-based sensors due to latest technology
  • More time spent on analysis and recommendations and no time wasted on just collecting data
  • Cloud or Networked systems mean better data accessibility & reporting
  • Automatic alarm warnings by SMS text & email

Recent Project Profiles

Water Utility Monitoring

Water Utility Monitoring

Water utility machine monitoring requires systems that are low-cost, easy to deploy, long battery life and wireless.  Our installations of the Phantom vibration, temperature and power sensors puts important condition data and trends onto the cloud via GSM connection to help reliability engineers plan maintenance and avoid breakdowns!

Phantom Ferry and Docking Systems

Phantom Ferry and Docking Systems

Vibration & Temperature Monitoring of Ferry and docking systems.  We installed an autonomous monitoring system for critical equipment for a new ferry service in London.  Following successful implementation and user training we are now providing a remote monitoring and reporting service to the client.

Phantom Fulfillment Centre Monitoring

Phantom Fulfillment Centre Monitoring

Installation of a “Phantom” wireless monitoring system throughout a very large high-speed fulfilment centre where machine access is very difficult, and equipment is super-critical.

Pharmaceutical "Smart" Factory

Pharmaceutical "Smart" Factory

Installations of ATEX and Standard systems for a number of high-profile Pharmaceuticals companies.  Integration of a wide range of parameters including vibration, oil quality and current.