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CBM – Link

Plug & Play Monitoring, powered by Erbessd-Instruments

"Try before you Buy" Wireless Condition Monitoring


Out of the Box Machine Condition Monitoring

Wireless condition monitoring or babysit your problem machines.

CBM Link is the most versatile autonomous monitoring kit available. Choose your sensors; triaxial vibration, temperature, speed, Power, thermal imaging and more. Store and view data locally or on the cloud.

Simply attach the sensors by magnetic mounts or studs, plug into a power socket (24V, 110V or 240V) up to 100 metres from the sensors.

Build your database yourselves with easy to use software, or we can do it for you in just a few minutes.

Configuring Sensors is Fast & Easy

Access EI Analytics via the Cloud
Add Machine Information
Add Machine Information
Add the Reading Interval (number of minutes) per Sensor
Set the Triaxial Sensor Orientation and Alarm Levels if you know them

And start picking up those good vibrations…. and temperature, or speed, or amps!

CBM Partners expert analysts provide remote support to CBM Link clients if required, 24/7!

Exclusive distributors for Erbessd-Instruments UK with installations in more sectors than any other company in Europe.