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Thermal Imaging

Infra Red thermography for mechanical & electrical surveys

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging (infrared imaging) is an excellent predictive maintenance technique to accurately identify electrical and some mechanical faults and supports other techniques including vibration analysis, oil analysis and ultrasound. 

A key advantage of thermal imaging is the speed of detection of faults; enabling focused in-depth analysis using other techniques only where required.  For example fast sweep of conveyors for a rapid identification of equipment that is running hotter than neighbouring machines, saving a significant amount of monitoring time.

Equally for electrical equipment; checking banks of fuses with a spot pyrometer is very time-consuming.  A thermal imaging camera will take just a few minutes to identify loose connections and power imbalance issues.

And for refractory linings, thermal imaging cameras are the only practical condition-monitoring tool available today.

Reduce Risks and improve reliability