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Gateway Enclosures

Good communication is critical!
Gateway and Enclosure Communications Box

CBM Partners assemble & supply a range of Gateway Enclosures to suit your needs in terms of environment and signal type (4G, Bluetooth, Ethernet & WiFi).  

Our communications enclosures are ready for you to install easily.  We can provide advice on where to fit gateways or we will install them for you.

Why not try our CBM Link to test sensors & gateway positioning out; CM System in a Box?

Comms Box Installation On Site
CBMP Gateway and Enclosure Comms Box
Optimal Location Tips:
  • Map out the sensor & gateway position clearly.
  • Fit the gateways for best signal, not convenience.
  • Use a range-finding tool – don’t guess.  Sensor orientation & site hardware has a big effect.
  • Augment the signal with inexpensive long-range aerials.
  • Ensure good access for maintenance & firmware upgrades.
  • Try to use Ethernet/WiFi before choosing 4g for lower ongoing costs and reliable signal.

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