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Equipment Hire

CBM Partners short term hire and "try before you buy" scheme
Our modern hire fleet includes the latest ultrasound, vibration, strobes and oil analysis products.  Backed by many years experience so that we can provide the best hands-on training where required. 
CBM Partners Equipment Hire Sonotec
Sonaphone III hire from CBM Partners

We stock the widest range of reliability equipment for hire in the UK.

Hire our kit for your one off projects like babysitting critical machines and carrying out leak surveys or to try before you buy! 

Our range is always expanding and currently includes: 

  • Sonaphone Pocket Ultrasound Detector

  • Sonaphone III Ultrasound Detector
  • Sonaphone Ex Ultrasound Detector

  • Sonascreen Acoustic Imaging Camera

  • Sonaphone T Ultrasound Transmitter

  • CBM Link “Out of the Box” Vibration and Temperature Monitoring

  • Monarch Stroboscopes

  • Oil Analysis Kit


Check out the overview and prices on the drop down boxes and contact us for availability

Loan Equipment Terms
Hire or Loan equipment is covered by an  Agreement signed by both parties.  The Agreement will include but is not limited to:
– A specified time period for the loan/hire, after which time fee will be charged
– Equipment is despatched free of charge and must be returned on time at the cost of the hirer
– Equipment must be returned in good working condition; damage and loss will be charged for at full replacement/repair value
Contact  us for a copy of our full Standard Agreement




Sonaphone Pocket

Son The Sonaphone Pocket is the easiest to use Ultrasound Device on the market.  Ideal for leak and partial discharge detection. 

£150 per week.

Sonaphone III

Sonaphone III Hire from cbmpartnersThe Sonaphone III is a powerful ultrasound device, ideal for bearing condition analysis, leak detection, steam trap testing and electrical inspection.

£250 per week.

Sonaphone Ex

The intrinsically safe Sonaphone E Ultrasound Device is ideal for use in hazardous areas.  Ideal for steam trap inspections and leak detection.

£250 per week.


The Sonascreen generates acoustic images in the ultrasound frequency range.  Ideal for visualisation of leaks and partial discharge for easy identification of problem areas.

£350 per week

Sonaphone T-Sonasphere

The Sonaphone T-Sonasphere mobile ultrasonic transmitter is easy to set up and use.  It is ideal for tightness testing in areas such as vehicles and containers which have sealing surfaces or rubber seals.

£250 per week

includes Sonasphere, Transmitter and Sonaphone Pocket

CBM Link

CBM Link from CBM Partners HireThe CBM Link is the most versatile autonomous monitoring kit in the UK.  A wide selection of sensor types available:  vibration, temperature, speed, amps etc.  

From £250 per week

Monarch Nova-Pro 500 LED Stroboscope

The Nova-Pro 500 is for stop motion inspections and RPM measurement applications.  Ideal for detecting drive belt anomalies and freezing fast moving assets for inspection.

£100 per week

Oil Analysis Kit

We provide an oil analysis starter kit with 10 sample bottles plus pump and tubing for those wishing to try out oil analysis for the first time.  Simply take the sample and post it in the pre-paid envelope.  Results available online within a week.