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Vibration Analysis

Identify faults early to reduce maintenance spend

Vibration Analysis

Wired or wireless Accelerometers are used to collect vibration readings which are analysed by software systems. 

Vibration levels & frequencies of machines and structures are analysed to detect otherwise imperceptible anomalies.  Algorithms are used to identify faults early enough for maintenance teams to take remedial action before those faults develop to become failures. 

Our philosophy with Vibration Analysis is that “undetected failures are not an option”.  Vibration Analysis allows us to detect >80% of rotating equipment faults.  Other techniques like oil analysis, ultrasound and Thermal Imaging are used to complement Vibration Analysis where they are best suited to certain failure modes.

A well managed Condition Monitoring Program ROI is typically between 5 & 7 times!

Route Based VA

Our Vibration Consultants use the excellent Wiser 3X Triaxial Accelerometer and DigiVibe Analysis Software to provide a fast and accurate service.

  • Standard or tailor made reporting
  • Fast maintenance recommendations
  • The data is always owned by our clients
  • National coverage 
  • Rapid response for troubleshooting and investigative work

Online Systems Installation

Design, installation and full commissioning of Erbessd-Instruments Phantom wireless monitoring systems.

Used alongside or instead of route based data collection, wireless monitoring systems are used to constantly monitor the health of critical or hard-to-get-to machinery.

Remote Analysis

Levels of support to suit your needs and budget:

Gold:  24/7 anomaly reporting and maintenance recommendations, fully managed service.

Silver: <2 day proactive response to machines in alarm, monthly machine health reports

Bronze; <2 days reactive response to email/phone queries

Professional application of Vibration Analysis will identify the majority of machine faults:

  • Imbalance
  • Bearing failures
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Misalignment
  • Resonance and natural frequencies
  • Electrical motor faults
  • Bent shafts
  • Gearbox failures
  • Empty space or bubbles (cavitation) in pumps
  • Critical speeds

“VA” should be at the core of any  integrated Condition Based Maintenance Strategy.