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Steam Trap Surveys

Just one passing 15mm Thermodynamic steam trap costs >£850 per year in steam loss!

Steam Trap Surveys

Independent survey of steam trap efficiency and effectiveness

Our Steam Trap survey provides you with a report of remedial actions required as well as input for a managed program which will reduce energy /maintenance costs and improve efficiency.  

Why carry out a steam trap survey?

A steam trap station failure rate should be below 3% annually and reliable for at least 6 years. To achieve a reliable steam trap station system, root cause analysis must be part of the program.

Holistic steam trap management

Good steam trap station management is important to reduce energy costs and emissions.

A successful steam trap management program can identify defective steam valves, steam traps, strainer failures, and blowdown valve failures.

A steam trap station program will accomplish the following:
• Reduce energy losses
• Increase system reliability
• Keep failure rates below 3% annually
• Decrease combustion emissions
• Decrease production downtime
• Improve steam quality


We will carry out a survey using efficient and effective tools and procedures to deliver:

• Steam trap inventory
• Accurate database
• Inspection using ultrasound and vibration analysis
• Reporting including action plan and strategic recommendations

Boost confidence in your steam trap management program and reduce energy consumption quickly.