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Detecting Faults before they become failures Vibration Analysis Learn More Insitu balancing On-Site & In-Situ Balancing Unbalance causes more premature and catastrophic failures in rotating machinery than any other fault. Learn More Infra-Red Electical & Machanical Inspections Learn More Thermography Air Leak & Steam Trap Surveys Ultrasound Learn More & Motion Amplification ODS Modelling Learn More

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help UK & Ireland manufacturers achieve optimum reliability and productivity through expert Condition Monitoring and Lubrication Services, Consultancy, Training and Products. We’re dedicated to providing the most competitive and professional CM & Lubrication support possible.

CBM Partners have installed and manage more online wireless vibration monitoring systems in more industries than any other independent company!

Why choose us?

Modern & Innovative

Introducing new technology to reduce costs and make the lives of reliability professionals easier and less reliant on skilled labour.  Low-cost, high impact, easy to use Condition Monitoring systems design, installation and support.

Independent Advice & Support

CBM Partners have experience of the majority of CM tools & techniques and relationships with all major monitoring equipment providers.  We choose the best solution for our clients, not ourselves.

Best Value For Money

CBM Partners operate at optimum cost efficiency.  We focus on client’s site reliability improvements to deliver value.  Our staff are experienced & qualified, specialist resources are used as-needed via our approved partner scheme and we keep overheads down by using technology & a pragmatic approach.

Transparency & Confidence

We are happy to operate on an open-book arrangement (where clients see our costs) and/or take a share of maintenance risk.


Benchmarking your CM activities against ISO standards and delivering a prioritized improvement plan.

Identifying reliability centered lubrication opportunities using ICML standards as the baseline.

Site Services

Ultrasonic leak detection using SDT equipment to reduce energy costs and improve reliability

High-precision laser alignment using Hamar-Laser X-Series to eradicate alignment related failures

Dynamic on-site balancing of any machine rotating at between 60 & 300,000 RPM using DigivibeMX tools

Detecting faults to avoid failures.  Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Oil Analysis, Ultrasound and Motor Current Analysis

Dedicated Reliability Centred Lubrication resources and expertise, focused management KPI’s ensuring lubrication consistency & sustainability.

Ultrasonic detection of leaks and valve performance to reduce energy & water usage as well as improve associated machine reliability.

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  • It was great to work with someone who understood our needs and knew what they were talking about (Atex wireless remote systems)

    Mark Oliver
    Yorkshire Water
  • CBM Partners quickly implemented a well-managed CM program and have integrated really well into the maintenance team.

    Martin Leather
  • CBM Partners Ltd have the same practical work-ethic as us and are our preferred partners for Ireland and the UK!

    Hans De Kegel
    Maintenance Holding - Belgium
  • When facing additional demands, such as challenging shutdown programme, CBM Partners are ready to deliver performance & value across a range of site services.

    Maint. & Reliability Manager
    Cargill Manchester