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Condition Monitoring

Enabling Condition Based / Predictive Maintenance strategies

Condition Monitoring

“Undetected failure is not an option!” ….early fault detection and failure avoidance using the most efficient monitoring tools; route-based or fixed systems.

We aim to detect all faults early enough to provide remedial advice to avoid machine failure therefore reducing maintenance costs, downtime and improving productivity and availability.

CM implementation

Benchmark Assessment

CBM Partners can help identify areas for improvement and a prioritized action plan for an existing CM program using our own tool which is based on best-practice gained through having managed 100’s of contracts in all industry sectors.

Objective questions link to ISO standards for a stable and recognised benchmark comparison.

Improvement & Transition Management

Often the CM Benchmark will result in significant improvements which clients do not have the time to manage. CBM Partners provide interim project management support to make sure that the desired changes and impacts take place.

This includes challenges such as re-writing CM databases, setting alarm levels, instigating best-practice standards and controls.

New Site Development

We provide a turn-key solution for CM. Whether monitoring is to be carried out by an operators own maintenance team, outsourced to CBM Partners or a hybrid, we will recommend monitoring techniques, equipment and a complete program for sustainable Condition Monitoring.

Find Faults & Avoid Failures

Illustrating how equipment fails and how early detection of a failure using different CM techniques provides time
to plan and schedule the replacement or restoration of a failing part without interruption to production.

Typical Contract

– Site Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for CM services deployed
– Asset Criticality Ranking 
– CM schedule integrated with site maintenance program 
– CM compliance & effectiveness reporting
– “Case Studies” and “Key Findings” 
– Application of correct CM technique
– Management Reporting & KPIs
– Management & communications plan for Continuous Improvement

CM techniques

Vibration Analysis

For a significant majority of machines and failure modes, Vibration Analysis is the most effective means of early fault detection.
Using the DigiVibe equipment and software, our qualified CM Consultants are focused on detecting faults before they become failures.
Our high-end capabilities include integrating ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes), 3D Waterfall, FFT, Phase, Orbits, Bide, Cross Power Spectrum, Frequency Respinse, and Coherence into our fault identification process.
Benefits of using CBM Partners for VA include;
– Quality & Consistency; ISO 17359 processes ISO 18436 qualifications
– Transparency; open access to data and reports
– Flexibility; Data is owned by our clients, not us. Programs are flexible as sites develop and faults eradiated
– Hands-on or remote support
– Visibility & site buy-in; high level of communications, case studies, good-news stories etc.


Ultrasound is a key element of an integrated CM strategy; giving the ability for early detection of mechanical and electrical faults.
Our SDT Ultrasound detectors sense high-frequency signals and convert them into corresponding audible sounds while maintaining their original characteristics and qualities. Providing the ability to predict failures, control energy costs and improve product quality.

Oil Analysis

CBM Partner’s manage the integrated lubricant analysis program from start to finish; collecting samples, managing the logistics and providing fast & effective maintenance recommendations based on our expert analysis of laboratory findings.
We work with our preferred laboratories and/or with our client’s existing program.

Infrared Thermography

Using expert Flir thermal imaging equipment our qualified thermographers carry out routine and ad-hoc surveys to detect mechanical and electrical faults before they become failures.

Motor Current Analysis

As well as electrical fault detection in motors; current signature analysis (MCSA) can identify mechanical faults related to rotating equipment and is a good supplement to vibration analysis, oil analysis and ultrasound.

CM Program Options

Route-based CM

Our qualified and experienced engineers provide site-based condition monitoring, deploying all techniques, throughout the UK and Ireland.
We design, implement and manage the most appropriate detection method and frequency to ISO standards; adjusted to site/machine specific operational challenges.
Our clients measure our effectiveness through KPIs that we are happy to sign up to;
– Route/schedule compliance %
– Fault detection rate % (target 100%)
– Unmonitored machine reporting
– Undetected fault analysis reporting

Fixed/wireless systems

As agents for the best fixed/wireless equipment in the world, we are able to specify and install systems to monitor;
– Vibration
– Power
– Temperature
– Speed
– Oil Condition
– Process inputs
See our “Shop” for an overview of the typical systems installed by CBM Partners.

Remote analysis

With consultants trained to the highest level in Condition Monitoring (VA4) and state of the art & secure online data management; we are able to provide best-in-class analysis and machine health recommendations 24/7/365, to any site anywhere in the world.

Find out how we can take your CM program to a new level; reduce downtime, increase productivity and save money: