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Air Leak Surveys

Air Leak Surveys

For many sites, the energy to generate compressed air can be over 10% of the energy bill and rates of 30% compressed air leaks is not uncommon.  Therefore, in almost all cases, the cost to identify and fix leaks is outweighed by the savings. 

Leak identification

A good maintenance regime will identify large leaks which can be heard by the human ear. But it is the unheard leaks that go unnoticed and become very expensive.

Using SDT Ultrasound equipment our qualified engineers quickly identify even the smallest leaks in pipe joints, fittings, couplings, and equipment.

Reporting & Tagging

Our engineers use the very accurate and consistent SDT ultrasonic leak detectors. This equipment transforms leak sounds so that leaks that were previously undetectable are clearly audible.

Once we locate the leaks, we record, tag, and prioritise them for each site

Leaking bad-actors

Based on our experience, the following:

• Corroded pipework & joints
• Flange connectors & gaskets
• Loose fittings & manifolds
• Damaged f& worn hoses
• Damaged coupling seals
• Faulty drain valves
• Faulty pneumatic components such as tools, valves, and actuators.

Leak Repair

We have a flexible approach to leak repair; either we do it for you or we assist your team through clear reporting and tagging and a “before and after” status report.

Reduce energy consumption quickly and easily, stop those leaks!