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Reliability Centred Lubrication

Onsite Fully Managed Lubrication Services
  • Top 5 challenges for sites trying to achieve the lubrication 5-rights:
  • Outsourcing Site Lubrication to CBM Partners means that you will get access to, and support from one, of the countries leading Condition Based Maintenance and Lubrication Services companies in the UK. Benefits of outsourcing lubrication are:
  • Nobody on site is really responsible for the lubrication program and/or have had any formal lubrication training. “We don’t know what good looks like”
  • Rapid deployment; see reliability improve within weeks
  • Management don’t have specific lubrication KPIs to work with so can’t pin-point improvement opportunities.
  • Food safety compliance guaranteed
  • The stores are a mess; no colour coding, lubricants are contaminated before even being used and disorganisation means the wrong lubricants are being used.
  • Regular KPI reporting; schedule compliance, lubricant use, continuous improvement
  • Lubricants are bought on price per litre/cartridge not with whole-life costs or reliability considered (…and by contrast; expensive products are not managed)
  • Managed through a contract & not reliant on individuals
Our lubrication technicians, tools and management systems are amongst the best in the world. Delivering compliance to sectors like Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals and significantly improving reliability for any company operating significant numbers of rotating machinery.

1. Right Product

It is crucial to use the correct lubricant for the machine and application and to not mix them!

We often find that products are chosen based on purchase price.   Upfront cost is important but more important considerations are:

  • Life expectancy (e.g synthetics often last 10 x longer than mineral), making whole life cost lower
  • Miscibility
  • Operating challenges (temperatures, pressures) 
  • How they are managed!

2. Right Place

Error-proofing the process of getting the right lubricant into the right lubrication point!

Achieved through;

  • Colour/shape coding from “stores to grease nipple”
  • Lubrication PMs detailed down to point level
  • Training

3. Right Amount

Over-greasing leads to friction which leads to failure… under-lubricating just leads to failure!

“Its like running on a hot beach; you will burn your feet in the sun-baked sand, be held back if you find yourself knee-deep in water and running smoothly just on the wet sand….”

4. Right Time

Our lubrication schedules are managed down to point level.  We know exactly what product should be applied in what location and at what time.

Lubrication schedule compliance is  a crucial maintenance KPI!

5. Right Quality

The first  4 of the “5 rights” are most crucial to reliability centred lubrication. 

“Product quality is of course also very important and should be considered as part of an ongoing  precision lubrication program, not just  as a once-off decision promoted by oil companies focused on selling  their products or a purchasing department looking at £per litre.”

Find out more about how CBM Partners’ Site Lubrication Services will improve machine reliability, productivity and reduce waste.