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All the latest news from CBM Partners
Onsite Sensor Quality Check
Update September 2022, 3-years on The Phantom wireless monitoring system has been operating well for over three years now.  Our experience during this time provided us with some useful insights into what makes a remote monitoring program work so effectively; – System integrity is key to confidence.  Monthly reports showing system integrity helped us iron out a few problems that otherwise could have resulted in a lack of confidence with the system.  For example, we...
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5 Most Common Reasons for Poor Lubricant Lack of ownership of the site lubrication programLubricants are selected on price rather than performanceLack of specific lubrication trainingThe CMMS does not support precision-based lubricationLubricant stores are not managed Source; last 3 years CBM Partners site lubrication audits Rogue’s Gallery ” >60% bearing failures are due to poor lubrication “ PRECISION LUBRICATION SUCCESS FACTORS We have summarised scores against our 140 question assessment survey; VISUALISATION Colour code charts...
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Erbessd Instruments EI-30
Excellent video demonstrating the accuracy of the Erbessd-Instruments EI-30 Turbo Balancing Machine. (footage at 30 seconds in). See Thru Jet Engine video courtesy of Warped Precision
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