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Human senses are condition monitoring techniques that we all use instinctively. We can hear when something is not quite right & feel when it’s too hot etc. This is a simple but powerful example of how backing-up a vibration spectra with an audio file proved immediately conclusive….. Vibration analysis on a bucket conveyor early detection of product build-up, using Wiser 3x wireless accelerometer. Being able to “listen” to the fault and see the spectra in...
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Sonaphone Steam Trap
Using the Sonaphone III ultrasound device for steam trap fault detection is fast and effective. Hear the difference! The steam traps were identical floating ball types with the same bypass and pressure (5.5 bar). Faulty – rushing sound Working OK – short cycles CBM Partners are agents for the Sonotec range of ultrasound devices. We can supply equipment and training or carry out an independent survey for you. Contact us at info@cbmpartners.com https://www.sonotec.eu/products/preventive-maintenance/applications/steam-trap-valve-inspection/
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CBM PARTNERS were commissioned to carry out an air leak survey across a food production Site over a 3-month period. This article is a direct-excerpt from the survey report. SONAPHONE III The program included our consultant fixing as many leaks as possible during the survey; our focus being on to save energy/money not write a report! The stated objectives were to photograph and report on any leaks found during the survey to aid with defect...
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Vibration Monitoring and Analysis has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years as the cost of technology reduces and performance increases.  A wide-rage of technology exists today that reduces the barriers to vibration data collection and remote/automated analysis. We are experiencing increased interest in condition monitoring solutions that can be deployed quickly, efficiently and effectively. The days of expensive and complex data collectors, wired accelerometers and large annual software fees are moving towards wireless accelerometers...
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Marine Condition Monitoring
Woolwich Ferry Wireless Condition Monitoring One of the two new hybrid ferries There is a rich history of a ferry service across the Thames; recorded in the Domesday book 1,000 years ago and often pushing the boundaries of vessel and mooring technology over the years. In February 2019 two new hybrid ferries were put into service, along with high-tech auto mooring systems at Woolwich and North Woolwich piers. Dame Vera Lynn and Ben Woollacott ferries...
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