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Click image to view video: The world’s most versatile triaxial accelerometer – the perfect wireless solution for hand held data collection. 20Khz FMax, 20G Dynamic Range and 48Khz Sampling Range. Available through CBM Partners – Erbessd-Instruments Authorised Distributor. Contact us at for more details.
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Print press
Monarch Stroboscopes; may be used to effectively “freeze” fast moving rotating equipment. This allows you to check print quality, and also possible machine faults without the need to stop machinery. Uses pure white LED at 1mill flashes per minute. NDT testing becomes an easy and cost efficient process. Simple to use and maintain. For more information, contact us at
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The primary use for a stroboscope is to stop motion for diagnostic inspectionpurposes. However, the stroboscope can be used to measure speed. In order todo this, several factors need to be considered. First, the object being measuredshould be visible for all 360° of rotation (e.g. The end of a shaft). Second, theobject should have some unique part on it, like a bolt, keyway or imperfection touse as a reference point. If the object being viewed...
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Sonotec Sonophone Datasuite
Optimizing processes, increasing operational reliability, and improving energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important in the age of Industry 4.0. The SONAPHONE digital ultrasonic inspection device combines innovative sensor technology, intuitive apps and browser-based software. Thus, classic maintenance tasks such as machine diagnostics, leak detection, steam trap testing, and the inspection of electrical systems can be performed efficiently. With the SONAPHONE product family, SONOTEC offers its customers solutions that are precisely tailored to the respective ultrasonic...
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