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All the latest news from CBM Partners
Phantom Expert Gen3
The World’s latest wireless triaxial vibration and temperature sensors are now available from CBM Partners! IMPROVED BATTERY Long LifeLow CostEasy Replacement IMPROVED MOUNTING Built in positionable baseReduced costsEasy to fit IMPROVED FAULT DETECTION 10 kHzFMax 12,800 lines of resolution (32,768 samples per channel) IMPROVED PROTECTION IP69 Level Protection For:* Dust* Temperature* High Pressure TWO VERSIONS High Sensitivity High Range  Able to handle the most demanding environments: Click here to see For full data sheet, click this...
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5 Most Common Reasons for Poor Lubricant Lack of ownership of the site lubrication programLubricants are selected on price rather than performanceLack of specific lubrication trainingThe CMMS does not support precision-based lubricationLubricant stores are not managed Source; last 3 years CBM Partners site lubrication audits Rogue’s Gallery ” >60% bearing failures are due to poor lubrication “ PRECISION LUBRICATION SUCCESS FACTORS We have summarised scores against our 140 question assessment survey; VISUALISATION Colour code charts...
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Background Plastics manufacturing site where CBM Partners have been providing on-site condition monitoring services for over three years, including Vibration Analysis, Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound and Oil Analysis. Our client has been continually developing their Predictive Maintenance strategy for over seven years; they are open to new technology and techniques… if it saves them money and time and/or can improve machine availability! Inaccessible critical machines have been fitted with single axis vibration sensors for many years. ...
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Onsite Sensor Quality Check
Update September 2022, 3-years on The Phantom wireless monitoring system has been operating well for over three years now.  Our experience during this time provided us with some useful insights into what makes a remote monitoring program work so effectively; – System integrity is key to confidence.  Monthly reports showing system integrity helped us iron out a few problems that otherwise could have resulted in a lack of confidence with the system.  For example, we...
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Erbessd Instruments EI-30
Excellent video demonstrating the accuracy of the Erbessd-Instruments EI-30 Turbo Balancing Machine. (footage at 30 seconds in). See Thru Jet Engine video courtesy of Warped Precision
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