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All the latest news from CBM Partners
The SONASCREEN 2 acoustic camera, produced by SONOTEC, and equipped with an integrated thermal imaging (IR) module, generates acoustic images from both the audible and ultrasound frequency range to visualise complex acoustic information in colour.  It offers enhanced capabilities for identifying and diagnosing leaks and other anomalies in industrial settings, providing audible feedback through industrial headphones.  Key Features and Improvements Integrated Thermal Imaging (IR) The built-in thermal imaging feature of the SONASCREEN 2 allows users...
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Predictive Maintenance (PdM) or Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) has been around for some time and many organisations practice some form of regular machine condition monitoring. Smart sensors are becoming a more affordable way to collect machine health data. There are however very few companies, service providers or software and hardware OEMs using data to deliver Maintenance 4.0 in a practical fashion. We at CBM Partners don’t have all the answers or an off-the-shelf system to...
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In today’s industrial landscape, machine condition monitoring services are becoming indispensable. They help organisations predict equipment failures, minimise downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The market comprises four primary types of Condition Monitoring approaches: independent CM companies, CM divisions of machine or bearing manufacturers, CM companies that also perform machine repairs, and internal CM departments staffed by company employees. Each type of provider brings unique strengths and challenges to the table. However, for companies aiming...
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Woolwich Ferry
Teltonika provide all of our router needs.  They have produced an article around an installation we have had operating successfully for 5 years in the field:
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Balancing Consultancy Services through CBM Partners with Erbessd-Instruments Equipment
Our seasoned team of balancing experts have travelled far and wide to stabilise unruly rotors!   Workshop Balancing Machine Training,  Field Balancing and Specialist Consultancy.  In 2023 we delivered precision balancing and products throughout the UK, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, France and Holland.     No job too big or too small, using @erbessd-instruments hardware and software to balance rotors from 4 grams to 1,000kg For more information about onsite balancing services, Erbessd-Instruments workshop balancing machines 30kg to...
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