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All the latest news from CBM Partners
Balancing Consultancy Services through CBM Partners with Erbessd-Instruments Equipment
Our seasoned team of balancing experts have travelled far and wide to stabilise unruly rotors!   Workshop Balancing Machine Training,  Field Balancing and Specialist Consultancy.  In 2023 we delivered precision balancing and products throughout the UK, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, France and Holland.     No job too big or too small, using @erbessd-instruments hardware and software to balance rotors from 4 grams to 1,000kg For more information about onsite balancing services, Erbessd-Instruments workshop balancing machines 30kg to...
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Prosaris OL1 Leak Detector is easy to use
Prove your ISO50001 Energy Management compliance with the Prosaris OL1, a smart ultrasonic leak detector, adding real value to your energy management strategy for compressed air, gas, and vacuum systems. Energy Savings and Environmental Responsibility The energy to generate compressed air can be over 10% of the energy bill for a site.  Rates of 30% compressed air leaks are not uncommon.  So it makes sense that identification and repairing leaks is key to a sustainable...
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Prosaris OL1 Ultrasound Leak Detection Device in use on site. Detecting compressed air leaks
We are proud to announce that CBM Partners are now Distributors for Prosaris Ultrasonic Leak Detection devices in the UK and with partners throughout Europe. Prosaris ultrasonic leak detectors have quickly disrupted the market in the USA, and this will be their first important step into Europe.  Their acoustic camera is able to be very competitively priced mainly due to the clever way that a regular tablet can be turned into a powerful ultrasonic device....
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CBM Partners Petronas Lubricants - Partnership Announcement
Petronas Advanced Industrial Lubricants for every Sector… CBM Partners are proud to announce our collaboration with Petronas to enable us to provide Reliability Centred Lubrication in the most effective and efficient way possible. Petronas manufacture their own wide range of industrial lubricants including sprays, greases, oils and coolants as well as tailor-made solutions for specialist applications. A recent agreement between Petronas and Univar also delivers superb distribution logistics for the UK, allowing access to greater...
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Optimising Pharmaceutical Operations with Condition Monitoring Systems
Pharmaceuticals companies are pushing the boundaries of sensor and software technology andmany embrace wireless monitoring solutions as part of their global roll-out strategies.Since 2019, we have installed and managed wireless vibration analysis systems across the globe withsome of the biggest corporations. We like doing business in this fast-growing sector, as it constantlychallenges our technical R&D team and keeps us ahead of the game!Many leading pharmaceutical companies adopt Condition Based Maintenance strategies not justbecause of the...
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