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Enabling Precision Lubrication through technology
Bearing Failures due to Lubrication Issues
Install Errors
Improper Lube

Smart auto-lubrication

Auto-lubricators must be replenished with the right lubricant and at the right time.  We use Pulsarlube on our lubrication service contracts and find the wireless management technology significantly helps us provided a precision lubrication program.  

An in association with Brit-Lube we are assured the right quality product is used every time!

Pulsarlube is the most innovative and reliable Automatic Single Point Lubricator on the market.

  • Top 5 challenges for sites trying to achieve the lubrication 5-rights:
  • Outsourcing Site Lubrication to CBM Partners means that you will get access to, and support from one, of the countries leading Condition Based Maintenance and Lubrication Services companies in the UK. Benefits of outsourcing lubrication are:
  • Nobody on site is really responsible for the lubrication program and/or have had any formal lubrication training. “We don’t know what good looks like”
  • Rapid deployment; see reliability improve within weeks
  • Management don’t have specific lubrication KPIs to work with so can’t pin-point improvement opportunities.
  • Food safety compliance guaranteed
  • The stores are a mess; no colour coding, lubricants are contaminated before even being used and disorganisation means the wrong lubricants are being used.
  • Regular KPI reporting; schedule compliance, lubricant use, continuous improvement
  • Lubricants are bought on price per litre/cartridge not with whole-life costs or reliability considered (…and by contrast; expensive products are not managed)
  • Managed through a contract & not reliant on individuals