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On site balancing of fans and other rotating machinery


Forces created by imbalance are detrimental to the life of rotating equipment; bearings, the rotor, seals and supporting structures are all adversely affected and will reduce reliability.

Using the DigivibeMX® M30 CBM Partners provide in-situ balancing efficiently and effectively.

We can identify the causes of imbalance and correct them for clients on the spot.  Either as part of a routine condition monitoring program or when requested on an ad-hoc basis.



Fault finding

Either as part of a CM services contract or an ad-hoc request to check machine balance; using Erbessd’s state of the art DigiVibe balancing equipment, our qualified engineers will identify the problem and recommend a solution efficiently and effectively.


Whether CBM Partners re-balance the machine or not, we carry out a before and after verification check and issue a report for peace of mind and future reference


Unbalance is one of our top-three detected faults (the others being lubrication & alignment related).

Our engineers are equipped with the necessary tools and weights to balance the majority of fans/machinery we come across. This is our preferred solution, to re-balance either in cooperation with our client’s maintenance team (to share know-how both ways) or just to get on with it.

Vibration analyser Digivibe from Erbessd-Instruments through CBM Partners
Verify the quality of your machine installation program and deal with any balance issues quickly and easily