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CM Assessment

Benchmarking to ISO Standards

Condition Monitoring Assessment

Our consultants will work with your team, using the CBM Partner’s Condition Monitoring benchmarking mobile-app, to enable you to carry out fast and effective benchmarking of your site’s CM program to ISO 17359 and industry best-practice standards.

The main deliverables of this self-assessment are clear reports showing areas for improvement and a project plan to close identified gaps.  The report provides an independent basis for budgeting and improvement project planning derived from your own knowledge and efforts.


We help you identify areas for improvement and develop a prioritised action plan using our tool based on best-practice gained through having managed 100’s of contracts in all industry sectors.

Improvement & Transition Management

Often the CM Benchmark will result in significant improvements which clients do not have the time to manage. CBM Partners provide interim project management support to make sure that the desired changes and impacts take place.

This includes challenges such as re-writing CM databases, setting alarm levels, instigating best-practice standards and controls.

New Site Development.

CBM Partners provide a turn-key solution for CM. Whether monitoring is to be carried out by an operators own maintenance team, outsourced to CBM Partners or a hybrid, we will recommend monitoring techniques, equipment and a complete program for sustainable Condition Monitoring.

Performance Management

We can help you establish Key Performance Indicators for CM programs based on your business objectives and CBM best practice.

CM KPIs provide an early warning to ensure the program does not lose momentum and always includes aspects of continuous improvement. For example; CM route compliance, undetected/detected fault ratios, fault reasons etc

Find out how we can take your CM program to a new level; reduce downtime, increase productivity and save money: