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Prosaris Ultrasonic Air Leak Detection

Strategic leak management solution. Prove your ISO50001 Energy Management compliance.

Prosaris OL1 with case from CBM Partners, Distributor UK & EU

Energy Savings: Identify and eliminate wasteful air leaks to reduce energy consumption and lower bills.

Environmental Responsibility: Minimise your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Improved Machinery Lifespan: Extend the life of your machinery and equipment by ensuring they operate at peak efficiency.

Ease of Use: No technical training required.

Reusable Smart Leak Tags: Close the Leak Lifecycle Management with Reusable Prosaris Smart Leak Tags. The cutting-edge NFC tags revolutionise leak management by providing real-time, actionable insights, making it easier than ever to identify, prioritise, and resolve leaks efficiently.

OL1 Ultrasonic Leak Management Bundle £4,498.50 (Free UK Shipping)

OL1 Ultrasonic Leak Management Bundle comes with a OL1 Ultrasonic Leak Detector, rugged Android Tablet and yr. 1 of the Company Platform subscription:

Prosaris Reusable Smart Leak Tags: £2.85 each

Less waste and cheaper in the long term than paper tags!

Prosaris Reusable Smart Leak Tags from CBM Partners

Detect the presence of compressed air leaks and then locate the source. Regular inspections and monitoring systems can help identify potential leaks.


To determine its severity and impact on the system. This involves measuring the rate of air loss, typically in terms of cubic meters per hour.


Based on their size, impact, and energy loss. Larger leaks or those affecting critical operations should be given higher priority for immediate repair. A systematic approach, such as assigning a numerical value or colour-coding to prioritise leaks, assists.


Take action to fix the identified leaks. Includes replacing faulty components, tightening connections, or applying sealants. Qualified personnel should perform the repairs to ensure proper techniques and equipment are used. The repaired area should be tested to confirm the leak has been eliminated.


It is crucial to implement a monitoring and maintenance program including regular inspections for new leaks as well as preventative maintenance to avoid future leaks. Ongoing monitoring can be done through a combination of periodic audits, using leak detection equipment, incorporating smart sensors that provide real-time data on overall compressed air supply performance.