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About CBM Partners

Delivering Condition Monitoring and Reliability Centred Lubrication...


Our experts bring together latest technology and methods in Condition Monitoring and Reliability Centred Lubrication to help improve the reliability and productivity of our client’s operations.

Condition Monitoring tailored to your needs

We help you define and run your own monitoring program, deliver the on-site services for you or a provide a hybrid solution where our analysts support your team only as needed.

We get the foundations right;
1. Trained personnel
2. CM Schedules that ensure detection of faults before they become failures
3. Effective technique implementation: ultrasound, vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography and visual inspection.
4. Data reading point consistency
5. Schedule compliance monitoring

Communication is critical; “finds” are shared with team members and the maintenance team is fully involved and engaged!

Experts in fixed/online condition monitoring

“There are a lot of monitoring equipment suppliers out there but very few organisations with as much experience as CBM Partners in specifying, installing and running them!”.

The increasingly lower cost of modern fixed monitoring systems mean that more machines can be monitored online than before. Benefits include reducing the reliance on people, being able to collect many more readings, automatic fault alarms and the ability to carry out remote analysis.

Our experts will determine the best fixed-monitoring solutions for you; we quickly provide options for the best monitoring equipment and how to make sure any program is going to be effective, efficient and sustainable.

Independent & unbiased, but;

We prefer to work with a limited number of Condition Monitoring hardware/software providers where quality, price and support are the best in the world.

These currently include;

Sonotec. Ultrasound handheld devices and sensors

Erbessd-Instruments. Fixed and Handheld Vibration Analysis sensors and systems. Wireless sensors; vibration, temperature, speed and power (amps).

Hansford Sensors. Accelerometers and associated equipment.

Delivering Reliability Centred Lubrication

>60% of bearing failures are due to poor lubrication. We either help a client move to reliability centred lubrication through consultation & training or will deliver a total lubrication management service on-site.
Our lubrication technicians are qualified to at least ICML MLI and are passionate about lubrication.
An optimised lubrication program significantly improves compliance and machine reliability by;
– Ensuring lubrication schedule compliance
– Removing the risk of over & under lubrication
– Eliminating the risk of lubricant contamination
– Avoiding stock obsolescence
– Using the right lubrication at the right time…every time

Our Mission

Helping UK & Ireland manufacturers achieve optimum reliability and productivity through expert Condition Monitoring and Reliability Centred Lubrication Services, Consultancy, Training and Products. We provide the most competitive and professional CM & Lubrication support possible.

CBM Partners provide dedicated site-services personnel, training our client’s maintenance team or a hybrid solution. We coordinate a small number of approved partners to provide specialist support if required.  

We are proud to be Erbessd-Instruments UK & Ireland agents and distributors for some of the most trusted reliability products manufacturers in the world including Sonotec and Hansford Sensors.

We provide a cost effective and quality range of lubricants and associated products from oils/greases to spill-handling and everything in-between.

Vital Statistics

CM Schedule Compliance89%
Lubrication Schedule Compliance 92%
Client Satisfaction91%

Condition Based Maintenance; Next Generation

CBM Partners includes some of the most experienced professionals and partners in the fields of predictive maintenance and reliability centred lubrication in the world.  

Our hardware/software systems are amongst the best in the world and, importantly we have real-world deployment successes in the he Food & Beverage, Energy, Distribution, Transport and General Manufacturing sectors.

Food & Beverage

Working with the largest food & beverage manufacturers in the UK & Ireland.

Typically hands-on lubrication services outsourced to CBM Partners and routine condition monitoring and/or fixed monitoring systems.

Pharma / Chemical


Route-based and fixed-sensor condition monitoring solutions integrated with client’s control systems; monitoring vibration, motor current, temperature, oil condition, ultrasound and with the ability to incorporate process information to set alarms and monitor overall machine health.  Reliability Centred Lubrication; ensuring compliance and improving reliability.   


Providing condition monitoring products and services to the fast-growing renewable energy sector to help sites operate safely and efficiently.

Installing remote condition monitoring solutions integrated with client’s control systems; monitoring vibration, motor current, temperature, oil condition, ultrasound and with the ability to incorporate process information to set alarms and monitor overall machine health.

Maintenance 4.0 delivered.

Logistics & distribution

Supporting amongst the largest e-commerce businesses in the world.

Implementing wireless condition monitoring systems at their fulfilment centres which enable early fault detection 24/7/365.


Remote condition monitoring systems fitted to ferries/docking systems and road-vehicles.

Live machine health condition is presented 24/7 and alarms sent by SMS & email to designated personnel to ensure the safe operation of their assets.

General Manufacturing

Reliability Centered Lubrication and Condition Monitoring to suit site reliability demands and maintenance budgets.

Condition Monitoring equipment costs have reduced and speeds/performance improved dramatically in the last few years.  Significant opportunities exist to reduce CM costs and/or monitor more equipment for the same costs.

CBM Partners deliver the most cost-effective solutions; we are not “driven by day rates”, we select the most effective & efficient systems and we ensure that the client always owns the data; so switching will never be a problem.