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Lubrication Assessment

Benchmarking to ICML Standards

Lubrication Assessment

We carry out site lubrication assessments to ICML Standards; using objective questioning and hard-evidence gathering.

The outputs of our assessment will include;

Assessment Tool

Qualified and experienced lubrication technicians use our assessment tool which contains >140 questions.  

This enables  a totally evidence based objective assessment and  score against ICML standards. 


CBM Partners can guide you to identify areas for improvement and provide a prioritised action plan for an existing Lubrication program using our own tool which is based on best-practice gained through having managed 100’s of contracts in all industry sectors and ICML standards.

The process is fast and painless, within  a week or two you will receive a benchmark scorecard  showing key areas for improvement.



Visual evidence is provided for all “failed” questions.  The assessment, scorecard and  actions are therefore clearly based on the actual on-site status.


Action Plan

We can hand over the action plan to you or provide hands-on support.

Often the Lubrication Benchmark will result in significant improvements which clients do not have the time to manage. CBM Partners provide interim project management support to make sure that the desired changes and impacts take place. This includes challenges such as establishing detailed lubrication schedules and work plans, introducing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), establishing lubrication storage & handling solutions, colour coding etc. So that what is “handed-over” is understood, cared-for and sustainable.



Performance Managment

We can help you establish effective Key Performance Indicators for Reliability Centred Lubrication programs based on our your specific business objectives and Lubrication best practice (ICML). These KPIs provide an early warning to ensure the program does not lose momentum and always includes aspects of continuous improvement. For example lubrication schedule compliance, lubrication related failures and continuous improvement opportunities.


Find out how we can take your Lubrication program to a new level; reduce downtime, increase productivity and save money: