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Contract Implementation & Management


Given that this site was relatively new; the asset register was used to quickly build the CM database into the DigiVibe CM database.  Information was available to accurately define the monitoring techniques and frequency for over 90% of the machinery; predominantly using route-based Vibration Analysis and IR Thermography on a monthly basis.

This meant that we were able to carry out routine monitoring on the majority of equipment on the 2nd visit; we found faults and made money-saving recommendations almost straight away. 

The remaining equipment required alternate techniques and fixed accelerometers, which are being implemented gradually as time allows during the scheduled visits (rather than our client incurring additional labour charges).


A highly effective and efficient CM implementation strategy and systems have been developed on one site which will form the basis of further roll-outs within the group.

After 3 months the Post Implementation Review proved a high level of client satisfaction and the CM program is having a positive effect on reliability and site continuous improvement;

Machines have been barcoded and photos added to the DigiVibe database; ensuring continuity/accuracy of the CM data collection and adding value to the client.

Please contact us for an introduction to the site Plant Manager and Maintenance Manager.