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Lubrication Efficiency Improvements


Global Food & Beverage manufacturer.


Continuation of the provision of outsourced Lubrication services at lower costs due to market pressure whilst maintaining a positive impact on reliability.

Mature services contracts (10 year’s lubrication in this case) should be challenged; is the client getting value for money and can cost reductions be made given new technology or other opportunities to streamline activities?


CBM Partners were challenged by our client to maintain a high level of lubrication service whilst reducing costs. 

This is being achieved by the implementation of our lubrication planning, scheduling and reporting system which has significantly reduced the time spent on administrative tasks and improved our “wrench time”.

We have also expanded the site team to incorporate maintenance activities outside the scope of the lubrication contract; adding value to the client and optimizing our own labour resources.


Please contact us for an introduction to the site Condition Monitoring Analyst, Reliability Engineer and Maintenance Manager.