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Erbessd-Instruments’ Phantom sensors are the most proven, efficient & effective available.  CBM-Link now brings Phantom to your plant in a self-contained package that is unrivalled in terms of capability, ease of use and price.

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CBM-Link is an autonomous wireless condition monitoring system.  The CBM-Link unit is plugged in to a standard 240v supply within 150 meters of Phantom wireless sensors and will collect and transmit data immediately.
Why use CBM-Link?
– As a “proof of concept” for your wireless monitoring strategy, i.e can it detect faults before they become failures?
– To “baby-sit” problem machines; simply attach the Phantom tri-axial vibration sensors with magnets to machines that you are concerned about and get condition readings which can be viewed anywhere anytime
– Let the system warn you remotely of condition problems; no need to wait some someone to take a reading, the Phantom sensors will take readings as often as you like at no extra cost!
CBM Link uses Digivibe (local database) and EI Analytics (cloud) to manage readings, analysis and reporting.  Just plug your CBM Link into your ethernet, connect through your wireless or let the kit communicate directly to the cloud via the built-in 4G module.
 The standard CBM Link kit comes with 4 sensors but can be specified with as many sensors as you like.  Sensor types include: Tri-axial vibration (class-leading 10 kHz) plus temperature, Temperature, Speed and Current. You can also integrate other data using the Phantom General Purpose sensor (4-20 mA).
CBM Link is being used in a wide-range of sectors including:
– Marine
– Transport
– Food & Beverage
– Utilities
– Automotive
– Academia
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