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We are proud to announce that CBM Partners are now Distributors for Prosaris Ultrasonic Leak Detection devices in the UK and with partners throughout Europe.

Prosaris ultrasonic leak detectors have quickly disrupted the market in the USA, and this will be their first important step into Europe.  Their acoustic camera is able to be very competitively priced mainly due to the clever way that a regular tablet can be turned into a powerful ultrasonic device.

The Prosaris OL1 enables clients to prove ISO50001 Energy Management compliance and significantly reduce costs.

Energy Savings: Identify and eliminate wasteful air leaks to reduce energy consumption and lower bills.

Environmental Responsibility: Minimise your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Improved Machinery Lifespan: Extend the life of your machinery and equipment by ensuring they operate at peak efficiency.

Ease of Use: Only basic training required.

Reusable Smart Leak Tags: Close the Leak Lifecycle Management with Reusable Prosaris Smart Leak Tags. The cutting-edge NFC tags revolutionise leak management by providing real-time, actionable insights, making it easier than ever to identify, prioritise, and resolve leaks efficiently.

Prosaris’ leak detection devices complement our excellent Sonotec range.  CBM Partners now have the widest selection of ultrasound devices in the UK for sale, hire or demo.  

More details and prices here , or on the Prosaris website.

Stock available now…including demo units for our ‘try before you buy’ program. Email us at for details.

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