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February 2021
Reliability Centred Lubrication in Action Whilst completing scheduled Acoustic Emission Readings of all Oven Extract Fan Bearings one set of DE and NDE Bearings flagged up an unusual reading. Each Extract Fan is scheduled for monthly Distress readings to enable Reliability On-Condition Lubrication. All Fans usually display a Distress (DST) reading of between 4-12 and...
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Maintenance & Operations KPIs such as MTBF, MTTR and OEE are good measures of Asset Performance and Maintenance Efficiency. But rarely do we see organisations with a good handle on the key drivers of effective and efficient lubrication. Poor lubrication accounts for >60% of bearing failuresGlobal lubricant waste costs industry >$40m per yearModern lubricants can...
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Automatic Lubrication Systems / Centralised Lubrication Systems are designed to apply lubricant in precise, metered amounts over short, frequent time intervals. Labour constraints and/or the physical location of lubricating points on a machine can make it difficult to manually lubricate the points. This, combined with the convenience and confidence of automated systems, makes such systems...
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Looking at the results of all the site lubrication audits we completed in recent years, we can conclude that they are clearly not as obvious or easy to achieve as we may hope! The core problems were around lack of ownership and know-how, exaggerated by insufficient lubrication management information/tools to do the job. Top 5...
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