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The SONASCREEN 2 acoustic camera, produced by SONOTEC, and equipped with an integrated thermal imaging (IR) module, generates acoustic images from both the audible and ultrasound frequency range to visualise complex acoustic information in colour.  It offers enhanced capabilities for identifying and diagnosing leaks and other anomalies in industrial settings, providing audible feedback through industrial...
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Prosaris OL1 Ultrasound Leak Detection Device in use on site. Detecting compressed air leaks
We are proud to announce that CBM Partners are now Distributors for Prosaris Ultrasonic Leak Detection devices in the UK and with partners throughout Europe. Prosaris ultrasonic leak detectors have quickly disrupted the market in the USA, and this will be their first important step into Europe.  Their acoustic camera is able to be very...
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Due to its intrinsically safe construction, the SONAPHONE E is suitable for the use in the most hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition to the reliable location of compressed air and gas leaks, the ultrasonic testing device is also suitable for tightness testing of various systems, wear control on rotating machinery and providing...
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