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Maintenance & Operations KPIs such as MTBF, MTTR and OEE are good measures of Asset Performance and Maintenance Efficiency. But rarely do we see organisations with a good handle on the key drivers of effective and efficient lubrication.

  • Poor lubrication accounts for >60% of bearing failures
  • Global lubricant waste costs industry >$40m per year
  • Modern lubricants can far exceed commonly accepted norms for oil changes.
  • BUT…most CMMS’ do not effectively track lubrication related machine condition, waste or lubricant performance/longevity. We need easy to measure, lubricant related KPIs!

What are good lubrication KPIs & measures?

  • Lubrication Schedule Compliance. Live reporting of percentage of scheduled lubrication tasks that are complete vs overdue. The target should be >90% and reasons for not-lubricating should be easily recorded
  • Lubrication “not done” percentage. Record the % and the reasons why lubrication is not being done and you will be able to gradually improve schedule compliance. For example drive down Access and Availability issues by piping-out, fitting auto-lubes etc. Target should be zero but the main thing is continuous improvement towards this goal.
  • Lubricant use at asset level. Track & compare product use to identify leaks, eradicate waste and improve scheduling/ordering.
  • Task close-out rate. Percentage of open versus closed tasks, push the trend. A routine lubrication program is one of the best tools at the maintenance managers disposal for generating machine health visual observations. Recording and managing the observations can have a major impact on machine reliability and safety. The key is to keep on top of the observations and bad actors.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis. If you are recording improvement observations then put a value to them. That way the value of a proactive approach will become clear to everyone. This can play a key part in changing the culture from a reactive to proactive maintenance.

The Lubrication Management System

It is often difficult to capture lubrication related management information easily or the right level of detail with existing CMMS’.

LUBEAPP’s easy to use pictographic dashboard provides the user with clear and easy to see visuals to indicate performance at a glance:

Check out the tutorial on the LUBEAPP Management Dashboard;

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