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Optimising Pharmaceutical Operations with Condition Monitoring Systems

Pharmaceuticals companies are pushing the boundaries of sensor and software technology and
many embrace wireless monitoring solutions as part of their global roll-out strategies.

Since 2019, we have installed and managed wireless vibration analysis systems across the globe with
some of the biggest corporations. We like doing business in this fast-growing sector, as it constantly
challenges our technical R&D team and keeps us ahead of the game!

Many leading pharmaceutical companies adopt Condition Based Maintenance strategies not just
because of the importance of failure prevention but also to optimise the efforts of their skilled
maintenance work force; who are hard to employ and even harder to retain in a very competitive
job market…reducing the number of PM’s means more time can be spent on continuous
improvement initiatives.

Erbessd-Instruments’ Phantom wireless monitoring system proactively detects equipment issues,
making it a smart investment for long-term financial gains;

  • Reducing Downtime: Minimising production disruptions translates into higher revenues and
    a strong ROI.
  • Compliance: Erbessd-Instruments’ Wireless Monitoring Systems ensure audit-ready
    operations, avoiding regulatory fines.
  • Equipment Longevity: Extending the lifespan of costly machinery, improving long-term ROI by
    reducing capital expenses.
  • Cost Efficiency: Lowering maintenance costs and reduced downtime.
  • Safety Benefits: Less intrusive maintenance and access to machine health data on hard to
    get to machinery.
  • Competitive Edge: competitors are augmenting the capability of their maintenance teams, reducing downtime, increasing productivity and quality.

Cost benefit analysis / ROI.
We’re interested in hearing your success stories! If you’ve experienced the benefits of Wireless
Monitoring Systems, please share your insights on how much money you’ve saved or the ROI you’ve
achieved. Your experiences can inspire and educate others in the industry. Let’s connect and continue
the conversation.
Oliver Mottershead
Managing Director, Erbessd-Instruments Europe

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