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Unlocking The True Potential of PdM/CBM: Why Independent Machine Condition Monitoring Services May Be A Good Bet.

In today’s industrial landscape, machine condition monitoring services are becoming indispensable. They help organisations predict equipment failures, minimise downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The market comprises four primary types of Condition Monitoring approaches: independent CM companies, CM divisions of machine or bearing manufacturers, CM companies that also perform machine repairs, and internal CM departments staffed by company employees. Each type of provider brings unique strengths and challenges to the table. However, for companies aiming to minimise repair costs and optimise operational efficiency, partnering with an independent CM company is often the most advantageous choice.

Here’s why.

The Four Types of PdM Providers

  1. Independent CM Companies
    o Objective and Unbiased: Independent companies operate without any hidden agendas. Their primary focus is on accurately diagnosing the health of your machinery to prevent failures and reduce unnecessary costs.
    o Cost Efficiency: Since they don’t sell parts or perform repairs, independent CM companies are incentivised to minimise your repair costs rather than drive them up.
    o Specialised Expertise: These companies often invest heavily in the latest technology and training, ensuring their teams are at the cutting edge of condition monitoring techniques and practices.
  2. CM Divisions of Machine or Bearing Manufacturers
    o Potential Conflict of Interest: These providers might have a vested interest in selling replacement parts. As a result, their maintenance recommendations could be influenced by a desire to boost parts sales.
    o Expertise in Specific Equipment: While they often possess deep knowledge about their own products, their expertise might not extend to a diverse range of machinery.
  3. CM Companies That Also Perform Machine Repairs
    o Dual Incentives: Companies that offer both CM and repair services may benefit financially from finding and performing repairs. This dual role can create a conflict of interest, leading to recommendations for repairs that may not be immediately necessary.
    o Convenience: On the upside, these providers can offer a one-stop- shop for diagnosis and repair, potentially simplifying logistics and communication.
  4. Internal CM Departments and Employees
    o In-House Knowledge: Internal CM teams have deep, specific knowledge of their company’s equipment and processes, enabling them to provide highly tailored maintenance strategies.
    o Potential for Bias: Company employees might face pressure to avoid recommending costly repairs or downtime, potentially compromising the accuracy of their assessments.
    o Resource Limitations: In-house teams may lack access to the latest technology or specialised training, limiting their effectiveness compared to dedicated CM companies.

Why Independent PdM Companies Stand Out

  1. Unbiased Recommendations: Independent PdM companies are solely focused on the reliability of your machinery. Their assessments and recommendations are driven by data and expertise, without any underlying motives to sell parts or services. This objectivity ensures you receive accurate information that helps you make informed maintenance decisions.
  2. Cost Savings: Since independent CM providers don’t profit from selling parts or repairs, their primary goal is to help you avoid unnecessary expenses. By accurately identifying potential issues before they become costly failures, they help you save on both repair costs and downtime.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology and Expertise: Independent providers are often at the forefront of condition monitoring technology. They are dedicated to continuously improving their methods and tools, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in predictive maintenance. This focus on innovation helps in delivering more precise and reliable monitoring services.
  4. Broad Knowledge Base: These companies typically have experience with a wide variety of machinery and industries, providing them with a broad knowledge base. This diverse expertise enables them to apply best practices from different sectors to your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive and effective monitoring.


When choosing a CM provider, it is crucial to consider the inherent motivations and expertise of each type. While CM divisions of manufacturers, companies that also perform repairs, and internal CM departments have their strengths, an independent company offers objectivity, cost savings, and cutting-edge expertise.

By partnering with an independent provider, you can ensure your maintenance strategy is genuinely focused on minimising repairs and maximising operational efficiency, working with you to deliver your Maintenance 4.0 goals!

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