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Moving from Wired to Wireless Vibration Monitoring: Project Profile


Plastics manufacturing site where CBM Partners have been providing on-site condition monitoring services for over three years, including Vibration Analysis, Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound and Oil Analysis.

Our client has been continually developing their Predictive Maintenance strategy for over seven years; they are open to new technology and techniques… if it saves them money and time and/or can improve machine availability!

Inaccessible critical machines have been fitted with single axis vibration sensors for many years.  These wired sensors have worked very well but they require a lot of maintenance; notably around rectifying cable & connection issues.

As wireless sensor prices have come down and capabilities increased; the opportunity to switch to wireless seemed to make sense. 


All wired sensor installations are gradually being replaced by wireless sensors.




For this installation where readings are taken manually every few weeks from the wired installation.

ComparisonWIREDWIRELESSWhich is best?
Installation Cost (parts/labour)£280 per point£175 per pointWireless
No. sensorsSingle axis sensor = 3x as manyTri-axialWireless
MaintenanceCable & connection issues  No connections  Wireless
PowerPoweredBattery lasts 1-3 years (replacement battery for the Phantom G2 in this case is <£2)Powered for continuous monitoring, otherwise Wireless
Reading frequencyOnce per month (or as often as manpower allows)4 readings per day typicallyWireless


In this practical scenario, moving from wired to a wireless condition monitoring system has delivered significant improvements; 

– No more accelerometer wires being broken during maintenance activities. 

– Easy identification of any sensor issues (previously was a matter of time-consuming elimination) 

– Much lower cost to maintain

So, even if your accelerometer cables are supplied with an unconditional guarantee…..wireless = no cables = no problem!

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