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Energy Saving example; fix those air leaks!

CBM PARTNERS were commissioned to carry out an air leak survey across a food production Site over a 3-month period. This article is a direct-excerpt from the survey report.


The program included our consultant fixing as many leaks as possible during the survey; our focus being on to save energy/money not write a report!

The stated objectives were to photograph and report on any leaks found during the survey to aid with defect rectification. We repaired air leaks during the survey for ‘quick wins on cost savings’ (eg tighten fittings, replace minor parts).

Summary results
32 of the leaks found around the site had a loss of over 1.8ft^3/min resulting in over 60% of the total wastage in air.

Air Leak Costs to Site
Cost Per Year Month Per day
Total Detected £49,583 £4,131 £135
Leaks Repaired £19,984 £1,665 £55
Remaining Leaks to Fix £29,598 £2,466.54 £81

Leaks Repaired

Cost of Air Leaks Per Month before work £4,131
Cost reductions P/M from repairs £1,665
Cost of Air Leaks after Repairs £2,466
Cost of Labour for repairs Per Month £295
Cost Savings Per Month £1,370
ACHIEVED Cost Savings Per Year £16,440

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