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Reviewing a Vibration Monitoring Program

Vibration Monitoring and Analysis has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years as the cost of technology reduces and performance increases. 

A wide-rage of technology exists today that reduces the barriers to vibration data collection and remote/automated analysis. We are experiencing increased interest in condition monitoring solutions that can be deployed quickly, efficiently and effectively. The days of expensive and complex data collectors, wired accelerometers and large annual software fees are moving towards wireless accelerometers and software that can run on multiple devices and platforms and be used by a broader group of personnel!

This short article suggests some considerations for organisations considering the many different hardware and software solutions available.

Implementing Vibration Monitoring …the basics;

  1. Appoint and train one or more of your team to be able to collect readings and make 1st pass analysis (ability to spot bad readings and find common faults like imbalance, misalignment, poor lubrication and bearing defects).
  2. Review your critical machines and decide which machines you wish to monitor, where to take readings and how frequently.  Set-up a schedule…trending data is important.  Outsource this to an expert CM company as a project if you don’t already have something in place that you can adjust.
  3. Mark the reading points so you get consistency.  Either a simple spot of paint, glued-on washer or fixed stud; whatever suits.
  4. Measure VA Schedule Compliance monthly, that is the best way to making sure that the program is embedded in the business and becomes “normal” quite quickly.
  5. Integrate VA into your maintenance program; Share “finds” with team members, look for opportunities to reduce PMs, keep it as a topic on reports and in meetings.

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Wireless Accelerometer Wiser 3x combined with free IoS app for fast & low-cost fundamental vibration monitoring and DigiVibe for full analysis capabilities.

Choosing CM Hardware & Software:

  • It is your data; make sure you own it including history
  • Compare whole-life costs including annual fees
  • “Check under the hood”; what is behind the fancy dashboards and reports? Like…
    • Can the accelerometer detect stage 1 bearing faults (>10kHz FMAX)
    • Can you create standard and bespoke reports and alarms?
    • Are Analysis tools and capabilities to help remote support included?
  • Are the accelerometer and data-collector easy to use (can be used by more than just an expert)
  • Is the product properly supported in your country/region? Training, Remote Analysis, Software tech-support etc (get references)

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