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Together we do more…

A network of asset reliability specialists collaborating to deliver wireless condition monitoring solutions to all corners of the UK and beyond;

 A group of reliability experts are working with CBM Partners to deliver cost effective monitoring, remote analysis, and engineering support to their clients. Working to quality standards in terms of installation and support and using predominantly the same proven and powerful equipment from Erbessd-Instruments. 

Get wirelessly connected

Key benefits of wireless machine health monitoring;

  • Low cost of data collection per reading
  • Remote analysis by a network of experts via the Cloud
  • Ability to collect data from inaccessible assets
  • Early fault detection and failure avoidance
  • Machine Diagnostics AI detects common faults like imbalance, misalignment, poor lubrication and bearing defects
  • Automated alarm breach emails

I would like to thank all our partners for helping prove the case for collaborative advantage; leveraging each other’s strengths to rapidly establish Erbessd-Instruments as the reliability professionals’ tool of choice for PdM solutions.

Steve Mottershead, Managing Director, CBM Partners

Boccard UK

Boccard are experts in Total Fluid Management and Condition Monitoring in heavy industry sectors. They have an integrated approach to their lubrication contracts, using technology and their expertise to deliver Predictive Lubrication as part of their CM programs.

“I’ve been working with the guys in CBM Partners for over 16 years, when they introduced the Erbessd range to me three years ago I knew that it would be good, and it is!. We use their Alignment equipment, Wiser wireless accelerometer and the Phantom Wireless System”

Mike Taylor, BOC UK Centre Manager
Phantom Wireless on “babysitting” duties on a vessel in Liverpool Bay:
Boccard in collaboration with CBM Partners

Maintain Reliability

The guys at Maintain Reliability are super passionate about improving their clients’ machine reliability and know how to get the most of latest reliability tools! 

They have quickly become a valuable and experienced partner in the deployment and support of Phantom wireless systems, using their own CBM Link for demonstrations/trials for new and existing clients.

Just delivered to Maintain Reliability, two new CBM Links autonomous monitoring kits:

EMC Engineering

Being local to our HQ in Gloucestershire we work a lot with the guys at EMC, condition monitoring, balancing & alignment experts in the South West.  

The trust and close working relationship between both companies means that we find ourselves working together to resolve client’s reliability challenges; a good example being their integration of wired and wireless systems for a dairy: 

“It’s exciting to be working with the guys on some pretty cool technology…I’m glad that we are riding the IoT wave together!”.   

Razvan Savutiu (Raz), Founder and MD of EMC


Salvtech, based in the North West provides a wide variety of Specialist Machinery and Services to the Paper, Tissue Manufacturers and Energy from Waste facilities. In particular they deliver, install, commission and service large pumps and process fans.

 They are experienced in vibration analysts for new equipment commissioning and troubleshooting and are now benefitting from fast data collection using their Wiser 3X handheld devices and Phantom Wireless sensors. This enables them to provide online/remote support to their clients and for us to quickly look at data for more in-depth analysis.

CBM Partners collaboration model has led to more innovation, efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication. By listening to and learning from each other we have been able to establish Erbessd-Instruments as the wireless PdM tool of choice in the UK.

If you are a Condition Monitoring / Reliability Services company wishing to deliver wireless monitoring systems and services to your clients then you can trust us to help you get started!

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