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Announcing an Important Upgrade for All EI Analytics Users

You MUST please act on the instructions below to ensure that your systems will continue to work after the upgrade and so that you can benefit in all the exciting improvements.   

These newest upgrades will have features that we are sure everyone will benefit greatly from. Some of these include:

  • Machine Learning Models can now be created for each machine and copied, applied as required.
  • Enhanced features for analysis like those available within DigivibeMX for Windows.
  • Database upgrades for future enhancements.

On January 31st at 12:00 GMT EI-Analytic ( will be down for 8 hours.
To ensure that your systems continue to operate after the update, it is important that you ensure all data from tablets/mobile devices have been synchronised to the database before this time.

If you are using EI-Analytic ( either route based WiSER™/GX400 data collections or via the Phantom™ it is imperative that the following steps be taken on January 31st.

Upgrade your DigivibeMX for Windows software by selecting “check for updates” or by selecting “update now” when prompted by the automatic update window.

If the version of software you are using cannot auto update please use the below link.

Upgrade your iOS/Android WiSER Vibe Pro app if you do not have app automatic update enabled on your mobile device.

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